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Greg Simison

After graduating from university in the early 1970s, Greg Simison decided that becoming a writer sounded like a brilliant idea. It soon became obvious that as a student he hadn’t majored in brilliant ideas, but, out of sheer stubbornness, he stuck with that one anyway. Through several marriages (yet more examples of tarnished brilliance) and a long stint as a single parent, he managed to publish several collections of his poetry. His fourth book, Miscellaneous Wreckage, has recently been released by Thistledown Press.

In the late 1990s, Simison started writing a weekly humor column for a small newspaper in the Okanagan Valley. He managed to get away with this for eight years before an angry mob of torch-waving villagers came to their senses and drove him out of town. He stopped running when he reached Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, where they’ve yet to catch up with him.

One of Simison’s short stories, “Masters of Mayhem,” is about a funny and unexpected encounter with the Hell’s Angels while working at a hotel in the Okanagan Valley. It won an award in the 2009 Summit Studios short story contest and later appeared in the anthology Never Trust a Smiling Bear (2010). Simison also has two of his stories featured in Mob Hit on My Grandmother’s Dog (2014) and a pair of yarns in Never Light a Match in the Outhouse (2014).

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