Never Light a Match
in the Outhouse

Funny Stories from Cottage Country

Edited by Matt Jackson
October 2014
ISBN 978-09866856-68
220 Pages, Trade Paperback
CAN $19.95

Spending time at the cottage is arguably the quintessential summer experience. Whether one travels there to swim in the lake, go fishing, pick berries, or lie out on the dock and watch the stars appear one after another, there’s nothing quite like those lazy weekends spent in Cottage Country. From the publisher that brought you bestselling humor titles such as Mugged by a Moose and A Beaver is Eating My Canoe, you can now enjoy a collection of hilarious stories about the lighter side of the cottaging experience.

  • Find out what Greg Simison has been firing at the unsuspecting canoeists and Sea-Dooers of the Rideau Lakes chain.

  • Join Bruce Day as he faces off against an army of porcupines in a bizarre battle of wits to save his cabin.

  • Discover what peculiar creature Jeff Groberman has hooked at the end of his fishing line.

  • Ponder Don Wilkinson’s “Weapon of Mashed Destruction” that he builds and then subsequently turns loose in Ontario’s cottage country.

  • Learn from James Osborne how to shrink wrap a cottage.

  • Tag along with a young Florida couple for their honeymoon of a lifetime; several months of homesteading in the remote Alaska wilderness.

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