Mob Hit on My
Grandmother’s Dog

A Collection of Funny Animal Stories

Edited by Matt Jackson
October 2014
ISBN 978-09866856-37
220 Pages, Trade Paperback
CAN $19.95

At last! The latest offering from the publisher that brought you bestselling humor titles such as Mugged by a Moose and Never Trust a Smiling Bear. What does a golden lab that steals laundry off a neighbor’s clothesline have in common with a mynah bird that can imitate a flushing toilet? Or what does a “pet” wasp with a taste for shrimp have in common with an old boxer with a taste for caviar? What they share is a place in the pages of this book: an unforgettable collection of the most hilarious and outrageous animal stories you are ever likely to read about.

  • Join campground attendant Madge Brown as she tries to prevent a miffed camper from chasing after a marauding grizzly bear with her frying pan.

  • Read about an unexpected rendezvous between writer Steve Pitt, a lobster, and the Queen of England.

  • Laugh when Mary Patterson catches her pooch in the act of shoplifting and marvel at where he’s stashed his loot.

  • Find out what a barnyard turkey stole from Lori Feldberg’s father-in-law.

  • Adopt an orphaned monkey with Sharon Fitzsimmons as she and her husband travel the length of Africa.

  • Learn how a stray dog that Stuart Reininger tries to shoo away ends up saving his life.

NOTE: This title is available for purchase as an eBook from most online retailers, including Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Apple, and Smashwords.

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